Glossary of Foster Care Terms

Supervising Social Worker This means the allocated, suitably qualified social worker who is responsible for supervising and supporting you.
Child’s Social Worker This means the allocated social worker from the Placing Authority who is responsible for managing the child’s case.
Placing Authority This means the local authority with overall responsibility for the child’s care.
Fostering Service This means the service provided by the fostering service.
Fostering Service Manager This means the registered manager of the service provided by the fostering service.
Placement Plan This is the documentation drawn up by the child’s social worker before the placement wherever possible (or where this is not possible, within 5 working days of the placement) which sets out in detail the arrangements for the child’s care in the foster placement.
Foster Carer Can either be local authority or independent agency, a foster carer who is approved by an agency to care for a looked after child.
Looked After Child – LAC Child who is cared for by the local authority i.e. local authority is their corporate parent.
IRO for child Worker who is independent of locality teams and oversees the child’s care plan also chairs Statutory Review for the child.
IRO for Carer Worker who is independent of fostering service who chairs the carers review to consider whether they should continue to be approved and what their category of approval should be.
LAC Review Review meeting chaired by the child’s IRO to consider the care plan. The first review is held within 28 days, the second 3 months and there after at least 6 monthly
Agency Medical Adviser Medical advisor to Fostering Panel, who oversees all medical decisions. Employed at NHS, service contracted by Fostering agency.
CPR – Child’s Permanence Report Prepared by social worker on each child with an adoption plan. Report presented to panel, also shared with prospective adopters.
PAR – Prospective Adopters Report prepared by Assessing social worker on prospective adopters, report presented at Adoption Panel and shared with children’s social workers for