About us

We are the association who supports Foster Carers of the borough of Sutton and those are in their care.

Our story

Sutton Foster Carers Association provides a free ‘club’ that Foster Carers and Children in Care across Sutton can feel a part of and use as they so wish with the sole purpose of making Children’s lives a safe, healthy and caring place. To achieve this we do the following:

  • Run Support Groups – to help meet other Carers; generate ideas for improvement; new events; share new information
  • Run Events for the Children and Carers e.g. Disco; Barbeque; Pantomime
  • Provide Independent support; advice and help to Carers
  • Support Recruitment - Induction and Mentoring for new Carers
  • Provide regular updates on key information for Carers
  • Represent Carers with key contact points – The Fostering Team London Borough of Sutton Children in care Council (CICC) Virtual School
  • Work with other departments on key changes / improvements which affect Carers e.g. Training Document; Remuneration
  • Have fun


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Our partners

We work with a wide network of Foster Care Professionals
to ensure you have have the best resources available.

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