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Sutton’s Foster Carers have one purpose – to provide a safe, healthy and caring environment for children in care across the London Borough of Sutton. Whether you are an existing Carer or looking to find out about becoming one, this site will help you with information and to connect you with the right people. If you need any further support please contact us by email.


Caring for children in your home you will incur not only the basic costs of food, clothes, toys and utilities. But a host of other expenses that pop up where children are concerned. The fostering allowance is not only there to help you cover these expenses but also to compensate you in the process.

Foster Carer Handbook

The Sutton's Foster Carers' Handbook has been developed with the assistance of foster carers and contains useful contacts as well as policies and procedures regarding foster caring in Sutton.


Download information such as newsletters, policies and various documents relevant to foster carers.

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